Everything You Needed To Know…

About joining Thirty-One!!!

You might be here because you have been on the fence about becoming a consultant with Thirty-One or any other direct sales company.

You might be here because you are looking for some ways to make extra holiday cash.

You might be here because you haven’t heard about Thirty-One before and wanted to see what all the hype is about.

You have come to the right place at the right TIME!


Thirty-One has recently announced an amazing incentive to new consultants, so I am going to talk about that first.


There is so much involved with this incentive that it is better to just give you a graphic.


This is an amazing opportunity to earn extra cash (and products!) for the holidays! New consultants will earn an extra 10% commission during their first 30 days (who join in September only), PLUS the opportunity to earn a bonus during each 30 days of their first 120 days, PLUS the opportunity to earn a consistency bonus!  WOW! WOW! WOW!

My advice to you before you enroll: get 2 or 3 parties booked during your first month and 1 of those parties can be your own launch party! YES! YOU can host your own party and earn hostess rewards to add to your inventory!

Enrollment Kit

Your enrollment kit is only $99 (plus tax) and you get all of this wonderful stuff!


PLUS business supplies worth more than $400! This is everything you need to host your parties.  Join in September, host 2-3 parties in your first 30 days totally $1000, and your extra 10% commission with PAY for the enrollment kit!

Start Swell

Another amazing opportunity to earn products to add to your inventory!

start swell

And another reason you will want to have parties booked before you enroll. You will not want to let too much time go by before you host your first party. Each month when you submit $600 in orders (one average party) you can choose one of the kit options, PLUS you will get more business supplies!

I love how Thirty-One sets their consultants up for success!


During your first 120 days you can earn yet another bonus!


Start your own team and earn $100 for each team member!


When you start your own team you have the opportunity to promote into leadership. When you have 2 qualified (have $1000 in personal volume) you will automatically promote to Sr. Consultant and earn 2% commission on what they sell!  As you build your team you have more opportunities to promote and earn more commission!


When I joined Thirty-One I had no idea that I would meet so many wonderful women! These women I have developed friendships with are not only other Thirty-One consultants, but ladies who hosted parties and consultants from OTHER direct sales companies!  I have been so blessed with these friendships!


Support and Training

You are not left hanging once you enroll.  Not only is there training and support available from Thirty-One, but there is a TON of support from other consultants! From your own upline and team members to Facebook groups and Celebrate and Connect meetings, they come out of the woodwork and are ready and willing to help!

Cute Products!


The very first time I looked at a Thirty-One catalog online I thought,

‘Oh, my goodness! How cute! I need to be a consultant!’

Never before had a been a direct sales consultant.

Never before had I EVER hosted a party of ANY kind.

I was in love!


What do you have to commit to once you enroll? NOTHING! You can literally pay your $99 (plus tax) for the enrollment kit and never do anything again. You keep the kit.

But WHY would you want to do that when there are so many opportunities to earn bonuses and free products in your first 120 days???

If you want to sign up to get cute products for a discount, all you have to do to remain active is submit $200 in Personal Volume every 3 months.

That’s it.

Contact me!

I tried to cover it all, but I am sure you have a burning question that I did not include. I welcome questions!

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Back On Track

It has been a little too long since I last posted!  Let’s get started with….ta ha!!!

A wonderfully new fall catalog!


I just love the new patterns and products.

And so many fun ways to organize!


Aren’t these colors sooooo pretty!?



Take a look at the catalog.

Then join my Facebook group and tell me what your favorite pattern or product is.

Promising Picks

I am so honored to have the opportunity to offer a special group of products to my customers.

These are items that may be in future catalogs and I get give my customers an exclusive chance to purchase these special items!

If you would like more info, hop over to my private Facebook group, “What’s In Your Tote Today?”

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